Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney in Charleston South Carolina to file Chapter 13 or 7?

February 15th, 2011

Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney in Charleston South Carolina to file Chapter 13 or 7? There is a Better Way!

Consumer and mortgage “Debt” has become a big problem for many home owners and consumers ever since the economy has started heading toward the depression we’re in. It can be so new and overwhelming that bankruptcy seems like the only answer, and a bankruptcy attorney in Charleston South Carolina may let you believe that’s the only way to stop a foreclosure. We have personally seen this direction from a bankruptcy and also a real estate attorney before. Because a bankruptcy can have such a negative effect on your credit score, it’s better to seek other alternatives before filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If one of these alternatives to bankruptcy saves your credit, it’s better to take it, rather than go bankrupt and suffer the consequences for 10 years!

Pay Your Way Out of Debt to Avoid Bankruptcy

Can you afford to pay off your debts over a short period of time? You’d have to if you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy either to save an asset or because you failed the means test for Chapter 7. If you take a closer look at your budget, you may be able to cut out those nice-to-haves like cable or satellite television, landline and cell phones. These are examples of some expenses you can cut without too much pain. If you’re already living on a bareboned-budget, how about increasing your income by working overtime or another job. Hobbies and skills can also help you get some extra money to avoid bankruptcy.

Ask Creditors to Help You Avoid Bankruptcy

Your creditors would rather get some money from you and your house than no money at all. Let your creditors know you are having financial difficulty and want to avoid bankruptcy. Express your willingness to sell your house, and they will most likely let you know you have to submit an offer to begin a short sale, which will allow you to sell the house for less than you owe. If you do not do this, you may be faced with an even higher minimum payment and a loan balance that keeps going up, until they foreclose on the house. Then, you will be responsible for paying them back for their loss. We may be able to contact your bank and help to avoid bankruptcy in Charleston SC by buying your house. We are very familiar with the short sale negotiation process and will handle it with confidence. Let us help.

Avoid Bankruptcy By Selling Your House or Assets

You can sell whatever you can spare and use the money to pay off your debts. Take action immediately when you notice you can’t afford make payments anymore. If you wait until you’re behind on payments, it may be too late. You can sell your furniture, jewelry, and electronics on eBay, Craigslist, even in your front yard. Is this a radical way to avoid bankruptcy? Perhaps. Many people can’t get past the inconvenience of living without their things, but you can adjust and it’s only temporary. It will help you avoid bankruptcy and spare your credit. To prevent having to sell everything you own, you can sell your house fast to Charleston SC House Buyers.

Avoid Bankruptcy Through Consumer Credit Counseling

If you don’t have luck working with your creditors on your own, enlist the help of a professional. Find a consumer credit counselor who has experience working with creditors to help make sure you can keep on track with your new higher payments. The new bankruptcy law requires credit counseling prior to bankruptcy filings anyway so it’s worth it to strongly consider credit counseling as a bankruptcy alternative. The debt management plan payments may seem out of reach, but if you look, you may find holes in your budget that allow you to make the payments.

Get Help Avoiding Bankruptcy From Family and Friends

Normally, borrowing money from family and friends is a bad idea. It’s been known to create hardships and even end relationships. But there’s an exception to every rule, and bankruptcy is one. Take the time to calculate how much money you need to avoid bankruptcy. Take a hard look at what you’re able to contribute, then ask friends and family to help you make up the difference. Before you approach them with your wallets turned out, come up with a plan for how you will repay them once your financial situation has turned around.

Settle With Creditors and Debt Collectors

Debt settlement is another of those things that should be avoided under normal circumstances. However, the brink of bankruptcy isn’t normal. If you have to choose between settling a few debts or filing bankruptcy, settle the debts, but do it right. First, don’t use a debt settlement company. Too much time and extra money goes into these companies than is necessary. Second, don’t settle any debt that is current. Instead, focus on debts that have already been charged off or sent to collection. Finally, be ready to pay as soon as an agreement has been made.

Use Everything in This List to Avoid Bankruptcy, especially in the Charleston region of South Carolina!

Rather than read through this list and reason that none of these things will work for you, consider the entire list as an arsenal of tools you can use to avoid bankruptcy. For example, you may be able to avoid bankruptcy if you sell some assets, cut back on your budget, make a deal with your creditors, borrow money from family and friends and sell your house fast to Charleston SC House Buyers. If you’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Charleston South Carolina, contact us first because we want to BUY your house quickly, before this problem can escalate. We will work with you to stop the foreclosure dead in its tracks and avoid bankruptcy altogether! http://webuycharlestonschouses.com

Is Your Charleston, Berkeley or Dorchester County South Carolina Home in Foreclosure?

February 14th, 2011

If you are facing a pending foreclosure in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester County South Carolina, the best advice we can give you is to ACT NOW AND DON’T HESITATE ANOTHER MINUTE! Many people facing foreclosure do nothing but sit around and wait for a miracle. We all know the odds of that happening are unlikely at best. But what else can you do?

Many homeowners seek advice from their attorney. And why not, attorneys are supposed to have all the answers, right? Maybe so, maybe not! They act on their attorney’s well intentioned advice and file bankruptcy, thinking that all their problems will be solved. However, even though bankruptcy does put a hold on everything, all it really does is buy a little more time. The end result is almost always the same… the property goes to Master-in-Equity Sale and in addition to losing their home, they now have a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on their credit report.

If you are facing foreclosure, this is a situation you definitely want to avoid at all costs. In most cases, the best thing for a homeowner to do when facing foreclosure, assuming that the homeowner’s inability to pay the mortgage is not temporary, is to SELL THE PROPERTY AND SELL IT FAST! Click here to if you want to know how to stop foreclosure in Charleston SC!  

In doing so, you will avoid having a foreclosure and quite possibly a bankruptcy on your credit report. You’ll be able to get on with your life and avoid having foreclosure haunt you for years to come!

In many cases, Charleston SC house buyers can buy your house, bring your payments current and possibly give you equity back out of your home. We can even help in many situations where your house has no equity.

If your foreclosure has gone public, chances are you’ve been contacted by other investors whom you might deem as a bit unscrupulous. However, unlike these other investors, we will not try to take advantage of your unfortunate situation.

We simply work with you to figure out a mutually beneficial solution so you can move on with your life with your good name and credit intact! In a foreclosure situation, time is of the essence. Visit today for a confidential, no obligation consultation on how we can get you cash out of your house and save your credit from foreclosure before it is too late! If you’re in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester County… We buy houses in Charleston South Carolina!

Loss Mitigation to Avoid Bankruptcy and Stop Foreclosure in Charleston SC

February 1st, 2011

Charleston South Carolina is increasingly facing a challenge: more and more mortgages and loan payments are falling behind and there are only a couple ways out if the home owner is not able to catch up all previous and current payments- either foreclosure by the bank or the home owner can work on a short sale and sell the property to an investor, but this will ONLY work if the person you’re working with has as much experience as we do.

Some hardships that may cause you to face foreclosure include: losing your job, divorce, illness or death, and unexpected financial emergencies. If you are experiencing one of these and expect your situation to improve, you may be able to work with your lender to find a solution. It is important to contact your lender and discuss your situation with them. They can tell you if you have any options to sell your South Carolina home fast .

Some options which may be available may include: extending your grace period, re-distributing your missed payments into future payments, adding the debt onto the loan balance, and changing your loan terms or reducing your interest. These are all considered to be different types of loan modifications. The last thing your lender wants to do is foreclose. However, if you don’t try to work out a plan with them before they file a Notice of Default, you will have a reduced chance to get a repayment plan. If you expect your hardship to continue for an extended period of time or just can’t afford your mortgage payments anymore, you may want to sell your home. Using a real estate agent is always an option, but if you are facing foreclosure in south carolina, you may want to consider contacting a real estate investor. An investor can often offer to close right away and pay cash with private funding. This would negate the time consuming process of waiting for a loan approval. A short sale may be an option. If your home is worth less than what you owe, your lender may agree to short sale your home for a discounted rate. Having a South Carolina short sale specialist assist you in negotiations with your lender, can be invaluable. An experienced professional in this field will know how to put together a short sale package and wade through all the steps necessary to short sale your home. They will have numerous resources and will show you how to avoid bankruptcy or stop foreclosure in South Carolina. If you’re thinking you want to “sell my charleston sc home fast“, we will buy your house quickly. Simply fill out our brief seller questionnaire and we will give you an offer for your home fast.

Short Sale Process in Charleston South Carolina

January 8th, 2011

Are you wondering how to do a short sale for South Carolina Homes? A short sale occurs when a lender agrees to take less than the principle due on your home to release you from the debt obligation. They may even be willing to consider it payment in full. In today’s real estate market, many cities are experiencing financial hardship. Financial hardship may lead to bankruptcy or foreclosure. A short sale may be your best bet to avoid these and be able to move on without a foreclosure on your credit.

Of course, there is no need for a short sale if you can afford to keep it (if your financial situation will change very quickly). You should consider a short sale is when you are having a hard time trying to sell your South Carolina Home. It may be that you are financially able to weather the loss, but, more likely, a short sale will take place due to financial hardship.

There are many homeowners who have had a home on the market for some time. Some are tired of waiting, have received a lowball offer and are financially able to take the loss. That’s the best case scenario. Others, however, are suffering financially. They’ve lost their jobs or have experienced medical emergencies or other emergencies that have put them at great financial risk. They need to sell their homes to get out of the mortgage payments. They are upside down in their homes and a short sale looks like a good prospect.

If the lender of your mortgage agrees to a short sale, they will report the account as closed to all major credit reporting bureaus. They may report the account as paid in full if it is negotiated and probably will not if it is not negotiated. They may request that you pay the difference if you don’t get it negotiated as waived. Otherwise they write off the remainder due on your mortgage as a loss and send you a 1099 for the difference. If it is your primary home, the IRS usually considers the amount on the 1099 as income that is not taxed due to the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007, and if it is a secondary or investment house you will probably be taxed on that amount. Our team of negotiators always tries to get the deficiency waived! Do you want to “sell my South Carolina home fast“?

When the company you’re working with is negotiating with the lender, make sure they request up front that they report the account as paid as agreed if possible. This will eliminate the negative reporting on your credit report. In regards to the forgiven amount on your mortgage loan, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 may apply to you. Up to $2 million of your mortgage debt can be excluded from IRS taxation on your principal residence. Up to $1 million applies for those married filing separately. Check with an accountant or the IRS website for more details.

The bottom line is that a short sale may be the only way you will be able to sell your home, and get out from underneath the weighty indebtedness of your mortgage. Make sure you have a South Carolina Short Sale negotiation company to do some serious negotiating for the short sale.

Foreclosure Help in Charleston South Carolina

January 8th, 2011

We Help Stop Foreclosure in Charleston South Carolina. There ARE options available and we can help stop foreclosure even if your bank has all ready started the process.

Is your mortgage going into foreclosure? It is not going away. Let us answer your questions in a way that makes sense. You need answers to your questions, and we can help.

What do you charge for your time and service?

We charge no money for our services or our information about foreclosures in Charleston SC. We want to buy your house or help stop foreclosure. This service is truly a service that is designed to assist the person that is in trouble. We can’t help you if you don’t call, and if you wait, we can’t help you.

What can you do for me, quickly?

We can pay cash for your house quickly if your house will qualify, we can help work with you and your bank to negotiate a short sale to buy the house if you owe more than your home is worth, so you can sell the house for less than you owe, you could try to get a mortgage modification with your lender IF you qualify, so you will be able to move forward without a foreclosure or bankruptcy on your credit. Please remember that bad things happen to good people and sometimes circumstances are beyond your control. Let us help.

What are my options?

That really depends on your particular situation, and where you are in the process. Let us help you with real information. The best thing to do is to fill out our brief property questionnaire to see if the circumstances qualify so you can let us assist you with real and accurate information. We can assist you with information regarding foreclosure, bankruptcy, and your credit. We have the experience and we have the answers to your questions.

ACT NOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO STOP FORECLOSURE IN SOUTH CAROLINA. Just click this link to visit WeBuyCharlestonSCHouses.com. We will work with you to stop the foreclosure dead in its tracks.

How to sell my Charleston South Carolina house fast!

August 5th, 2010

Wondering “How to sell my house fast in Charleston South Carolina”?

Friends, there is a better way. There is a local company that has an excellent reputation for buying houses and taking care of sellers in a fair, friendly manner. South Carolina Homes has several different ways we can buy your house and there are a few you probably have not even thought of yet. We will buy your house whether it’s:

In foreclosure? Bad tenants? Is your house vacant? Owe liens? Need repairs? Divorce? Has your listing expired? Estate Sale? Behind on payments? 100% financed? Job Transfer or Relocation? Making two house payments? Are you upside down and need to have an investor negotiate a short sale so you can sell your house quickly? Visit our site to sell a Charleston SC home quickly!

WE CAN HELP! WE WANT TO BUY YOUR HOUSE IN ANY OF THESE AREAS… Charleston, Folly Beach, Goose Creek, Isle of Palms, North Charleston, James Island, Mount Pleasant, Ravenel, Rockville, Seabrook Island, Sullivan’s Island, Summerville, Ladson, Hanahan, and Daniel Island.

To Receive Your Fast Flexible Offer on ANY Property Today. Please fill in the brief property questionnaire if you’d like to know how to sell a house fast in Charleston South Carolina.