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The real estate market is always fluctuating, which unfortunately can leave you waiting for ages to sell your property. Unfortunately, sometimes people simply don’t have the time to wait potentially years to have someone buy their house. There is a faster way to sell your house you may not be aware of though. Companies such as Charleston SC House Buyers can buy your house in as little as a week! They are the “Buy My House” fast company in Charleston, SC. There are a few qualifiers, but if you qualify there are a lot of advantages to selling your house to a well-respected company.

Cash in Hand

Depending on your situation, you may not have time to wait for the selling of your house and processing of money to have access to cash. Alternatively, there may be banking issues or fees you’d prefer to skip- there’s no guarantee a regular retail buyer can qualify for a loan, even if they tell you they can. In any case, if you’re in a situation where you need cash quick, we can help. House Buyers can give cash fast for your home.

Skipping Fees

Maybe you’re not too worried about getting cash fast, but by going through House Buyers you can also save a lot of money! There are no hidden commissions, fees, or holding costs tacked on. With Charleston SC House Buyers, there are simply no fees or commissions so you know exactly what you’re paying and being paid without worrying. If you’re looking for a “buy my house” fast company in Charleston, SC, call us at (843)553-5005 or fill out our short seller form now.

No Listings

Is the prospect of having to keep your house in pristine condition for open houses and having strangers regularly walk through your house for viewings too daunting? By going through a “buy my house” quickly company, your house will be bought outright and fast. No open houses, no listings, no endless parading of people hemming and hawing over every little detail of your house. If your house qualifies, your house will simply be bought as-is without all of the fuss.

Flexible Closing Date

If you go through a real estate agent to sell your house, if you’re able to find a buyer at all, once you do, the closing date is likely to be anywhere from 60 to 90 days after you accept the buyers offer! This can add a lot of stress in terms of you not having much wiggle room to get everything done and out, while at the same time, not knowing if that buyer can’t even qualify for a loan at the last minute. If you’re buying a new property, for example, it can be really tricky lining up the dates so that your new place is ready in time for you handing over the keys to the old one. By going through a “buy my house” fast company however, you can pick your own date! This gives you the flexibility to make sure everything goes smoothly.


People can be quite indecisive. It’s estimated that up to 43% of sales fall through due to the buyer changing their mind or not being able to get loan financing. If you’ve done any repairs on their behalf or have paid for any extra inspections to be done, this leaves you with a huge amount of money of pocket, money you will never get back. If you find another retail buyer, they will also want different items to be repaired! With Charleston SC House Buyers, once you’re approved and we agree to buy your house, you can relax since they’re not emotional and won’t just change their mind.

As you can see, there are quite a few advantages to skipping a real estate agent and going with a “buy my house” fast company. Think about what’s most important to you with selling your house and consider what option best accommodates that. If you need cash fast, don’t want to deal with open houses, hidden fees, closing dates and repairs, then get a free quote from Charleston SC House Buyers today.

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