Charleston SC House Buyers

Charleston SC House Buyers

Charleston SC House Buyers
Charleston SC House Buyers

What makes Charleston SC House Buyers the best real estate investors to buy your home?

There are many issues that people have to deal with while selling a house. This is the reason that it often takes more than seven to twelve months to sell a house. It begins with a retail buyer and real estate agent telling you that your house isn’t good enough and that your home needs too many repairs. Then comes their negotiating literally thousands of dollars toward the buyer’s closing costs. Are you serious! Why would you, as the seller, pay for the buyer’s closing costs? Aren’t they the ones buying the house? It’s like you’re buying the house for them! Then comes the appraisals and waiting for the mortgage loan to hopefully be approved. Then, you a real estate agent’s retail buyer wants to have an inspector make a full list of every single problem with your home- whether a real issue or not. Oh, and if there are no problems, they will “find” problems anyway. Otherwise, the think the retail buyer won’t justify the ridiculously high fee the home inspector charges. Either way, you are stuck with a ridiculous repair list and now the retail buyer will walk away if you don’t pay for every single item to be repaired, even if it’s just cosmetic items.

Why put yourself through this nightmare? If you want to get rid of this situation, your best choice would be to contact Charleston SC House Buyers and the house today with no hassle at all. No showings. No ridiculous home inspectors. No one-sided real estate agents. No commissions you need to pay. No appraisals. No loan approval needed for us- we’ll bring cash to buy your house. Here are some of the other amazing reasons why you need to sell your house to us today.

We do not need Appraisals

We know how hard it is for you to get the house to appraise for your contract price. Believe me, we have “sold” a house to a retail buyer several times before, only to have a low appraisal come in. Then, we’re either forced to take a super low purchase number or we have to release the buyer since they can’t get a loan for over appraisal value. There are chances that the person who is providing the appraisal will make up a lower amount that your house is worth. An appraisal is simply an opinion of value- and often times, the appraisal does little work and simply gives a appraisal a ridiculously low number. In order to assure that you will not have to deal with this issue, you can sell your house to us. Here at Charleston SC House Buyers do not play around and try to renegotiate a price just before closing. In fact, we simply do NOT require an appraisal of your property and we will be buying your property with NO appraisal required from you at all!

No inspections

With Charleston SC House Buyers, you will not have to deal with any house inspectors who need to justify their own value by making up repairs that you need to fix with your own money. We understand that you might need the money urgently which is why you are selling your house to us, and inspections will waste your time. We will not bring any house inspector and you should not hire one as well. It is a waste of money that would only come out of your pocket.

Waiting for mortgage loan will never happen

The worst situation you have to deal with is waiting for an unqualified retail buyer trying to get a mortgage loan to be approved. If it is denied, which happens much more often than you think, you might have to look for another buyer, which could take you many months again. With Charleston SC House Buyers, there is no need to deal with such issues. We will bring the cash so the closing can be finalized as soon as possible.

No need to repair the house

There is no need to waste your time and money repairing the house.

  • We will buy the property in any condition.
  • You will get the chance to keep all the money by yourself, instead of sharing a large portion with contractors and realtors.
  • It will be a profitable deal where you will save thousands of dollars, which you would otherwise have to pay for repairs on the house.

No commissions

Most of the realtors ask for a huge commission when selling your house- usually 6% or 7% of your house price. Isn’t that your money? Well, if you list with a real estate agent, it used to be, but now it’s theirs! Why pay commission when you don’t have to- you found a respected buyer on your own. Charleston SC House Buyers is not a realtor. We are here to buy your property on your terms and provide you with the financial help at the right time. Our services are available for all types of residential properties.

Bottom line

You might have been thinking that all this is too good to be true. Here at Charleston SC House Buyers, we understand your concern and in order to make sure you feel comfortable, please look at our testimonials and length of time in business. Plus, we’ve helped hundreds of home owners. We have a customer service team who will respond to all of your questions regarding our services and how we can help you by buying your house fast. We will make sure you are satisfied. You can get in touch with us at (843)553-5005 or fill out our short seller form to begin the process today.

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