Delinquent Tax

Delinquent Tax

delinquent taxes charleston sc
Delinquent Taxes Charleston SC

Delinquent taxes can be a big problem if you are trying to hold onto your house. A delinquent tax is when an owner is behind on taxes on a property. For an owner to receive any money from selling a property, all delinquent taxes must be paid before an owner can receive the cash equity they’re owed. It is in your interest to try to make your payment on delinquent taxes in an efficient manner. It will only get more expensive, and then ultimately you will lose the property only for property taxes that are owed at a delinquent tax sale if you own a property in Charleston County, Dorchester County or Berkeley County, SC. Property taxes and delinquent taxes can be a heavy burden on families. This article will help you learn how to pay delinquent taxes fast using our service and how you can avoid getting high tax balances in the first place.

Selling your home fast is a great way to help pay delinquent property taxes. Charleston SC House Buyers can help you by buying your home fast and paying your delinquent tax, if you are being burdened by your delinquent property taxes. Delinquent property taxes can run interest rates of 18% APR calculated monthly, so getting these taxes paid quickly is in your best interest. We can help you to get you home sold quickly, in any condition, at a good price.

A common way to fall delinquent on your property taxes is to not have a proper escrow account managing your taxes and insurance with your lender. Also, your loan may be paid off and now there is no reminder to pay taxes. Or maybe the property tax bill has skyrocketed last year and it is too big of a burden. As a homeowner, part of the tax bill you receive is for many services such as local schools, street paving, street cleaning, and other county management fees. These services cost a significant amount of money and get funded through property tax assessments, and in the Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties of South Carolina, the property tax bills have gone up much more than they should have. Many people can no longer afford the property tax bill. It’s possible that your tax bills simply got lost in the mail or that your forgot to change your mailing address with the County. If that happened, you still owe the taxes and maybe now you owe a huge bill because of all the interest. Our best advice is to keep all records of property tax bills in a safe place next to other documents about your property and set a reminder for yourself to pay the property tax bill every year. However, if you property taxes are already delinquent, it is time to think about selling your house to us fast, so we can pay off your tax bill for you at closing, before it gets any worse, or before you lose the property.

One way to fall delinquent on property taxes is to not escrow your taxes with your mortgage lender. However, once your loan is paid off, you quite possibly will forget to pay your taxes since you have never had to pay them out of pocket before. There are companies you can escrow your payments with, but the best scenario is for you to set a reminder each year so you can pay your taxes before your property gets sold at the local county tax sale. The skyrocketing cost for yearly property taxes makes it difficult to manage money well. Taxes often get assessed in an unclear and unfair manner, where your neighbor may only pay one-third of the taxes you do, but if you try to fight your tax bill, the county assessor may raise your tax bill even higher. It would be nice if you could pay your delinquent tax bill evenly throughout the year. However, that’s not an option. Property taxes are billed and need to be paid in one-lump sum, once a year. It is also hard to pay your taxes because you have to find the specific county office that receives tax payments. In Berkeley County, SC and Dorchester County, SC, you have to drive what seems like halfway across the state to pay your delinquent taxes. In Charleston County, SC, you have to fight serious traffic and it’s difficult to find parking so you can pay your property taxes. A good escrow account will help you manage timely payment of your yearly taxes and will enable you to avoid delinquent taxes for the near future. If that’s not possible, consider selling your house to us today.

Delinquent taxes are an unpleasant topic and experience for many families, particularly when they lose their house at a delinquent tax sale for only the delinquent tax amount owed. Charleston SC House Buyers wants to help you avoid delinquent taxes and get the most for your money when you sell your house. We encourage all homeowners to keep an active escrow account and to pay all property tax assessments when they get them. You can also overcome delinquent taxes and move the next step forward in your financial journey by selling your house to us today. Call us at (843)553-5005 or fill out our brief property form on our website to get your free, fair offer for your house today.

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