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Foreclosure Help

foreclosure help
Foreclosure Help in Charleston SC.

Foreclosure is a sad occasion for families who are struggling to make their home payments. Foreclosure is the legal process which allows lenders to take a home from people who are unable to make their payments. While this process is unpleasant, this article will help you explore how to avoid foreclosure so you can keep or sell your home.

First, talk to your lender early. Lenders would rather have some of your money than to get none of your money at all, though they will get to a point where they will not accept a payment at all unless you pay all payments, interest, foreclosure fees, late fees, etc. at the same time. Usually, they will not accept single payments after the foreclosure process starts. Foreclosure is an expensive process which takes time from lenders and costs them a huge amount of money. If you can anticipate financial difficulties, you should talk with your lender to make a plan before your payments are late. The earlier the better. After payments start getting behind, your lender may no longer work with you.

Second, find a home buyer, like us at Charleston SC House Buyers, to help you through the process. There are several companies in your South Carolina who can work with you, though most are not from Charleston and don’t have the local understanding or resources to help you as you engage the steps of the process. You can call us at (843) 553-5005 to start talking about options. The earlier you start talking with us, the better.

Finally, avoid scams. There are many foreclosure help organizations out there who talk about helping people in foreclosure but ask for fees upfront. You should NEVER have to pay any fees upfront. In fact, we believe you shouldn’t pay any fees to anyone to help stop the foreclosure. These people take advantage of desperate people, they are not real and you should avoid them at all costs. There are enough people who are willing to work with you for no fee, like us at Charleston SC House Buyers, who want you to succeed in saving your home from foreclosure and selling it to us, so you can keep all of your hard-earned equity. Also, remember a foreclosure costs your lender money too, so the bank wants to help you as well before the foreclosure process starts. Going to third parties who charge you a fee and are not tied to a government or your lender should be a last resort. We will provide foreclosure help in Charleston SC for no fee at all!

Another option and probably the best option if you are planning to sell your home, is to use an organization like ours to buy your home before you enter foreclosure stage. In fact, we can buy your house even during the foreclosure stage. We know how to stop foreclosure and we can help you stop your foreclosure today. No matter the situation, we can buy your home. You can sell your home in anticipation of the foreclosure or during the actual foreclosure, pay off the mortgage, and move on your own terms rather than letting the bank foreclose. This will help you avoid foreclosure and reduce your debt load. If you have come to the decision that you want to stop the foreclosure and sell your house, please contact Charleston SC Home Buyers. We can help you resolve your foreclosure with sensitivity and promptness. Contact us on our website or by phone at (843) 553-5005.

Foreclosure is a sad reality which befalls many people. We hope you never have to deal with foreclosure and hopefully this article will help you find ways to avoid foreclosure if you are faced with foreclosure yourself. Do not lose more money through third-party foreclosure help organizations who charge you an upfront fee, as these are often scams. The options listed here and your lender are your two best foreclosure help resources to navigate the foreclosure process. If you are ready to sell your home, Charleston SC House Buyers can provide the foreclosure help you need so you can avoid foreclosure and save your credit.

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