How To Find Real Estate Investors

How to find real estate investors in Charleston SC

how to find real estate investors in charleston sc
How To Find Real Estate Investors In Charleston SC

When a home seller needs to sell a house fast, one of the hardest things the seller has to do is find a legitimate real estate investor who has the cash in a bank account ready to buy their house now. The market might appear to be filled with real estate investors, but in reality, most of them are fake. Most of these look-alike real estate investor companies lead home owners on in order to try to get their house under contract to sell to the contract to a legitimate company, like us at Charleston SC House Buyers. The fake real estate investors will waste our time. These fake investors may waste weeks of your time, or in the end, they may be selling the house to us anyway. In that case, we are paying them a higher amount- money that could have gone in your pocket. If you didn’t already know from our 13 years + in business, hundreds of homeowners we’ve helped and positive testimonials, it could have taken you weeks, months or even years to find the right investor who could pay as much for your house as we can. Often, a seller has already talked to another “real estate investor” by the time we talk to them, and they usually accept our offer immediately, since one of these fake real estate investor companies has either offered them a ridiculously low price or they were not able to buy their house. We’re backed with legitimate cash and have the experience to prove it. So, when we say we can buy your house this week, you can be sure we will.

If your were still looking for real estate investors in Charleston SC to buy your house, here are some of the tips to help you find a real estate investor.

Use online listing services

The first thing you should do is use the help of internet. There are several online websites that will allow you to list your house.

  • They will show your house to millions of investors and you might get responses in the first month or two. You will have to be your own real estate agent and sift through information to figure out if the “real estate investors” you’re talking to are legit.
  • Make sure that you find the most reliable and best listing websites.
  • Stay away from platform that claims to give you 100% results because it is a false promise from simply a house listing site and it will not happen.

Advertise in newspaper

It might sound old-fashioned, but there are many individuals that still love to read newspapers, even if it is online. Make sure that you get some help from the newspapers and then advertise your home. You have to assure to give complete address and details of your house. If it is affordable add an attractive image of the house with the advertisement.

There are chances that real estate investors will read the news and may contact you eventually. The benefit of advertising your house in the newspaper is that you will only get potential real estate investors calling you. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to act as your own real estate agent and you’ll be receiving a lot of calls from tenants who are trying to rent a house cheaply.

Use social media

One of the best ways to advertise your house to real estate investors is to use social media sites. You can add interesting images of the house as well as include a virtual tour. Just like online listing sites, there are many social media pages that will publish your house on their pages. It might give you the chance of selling your house. However, many tenants and fake real estate investors will contact you through social media. It is important that you learn to differentiate between real and fake real estate investors.


There are chances that one of your friends might be planning to buy a house, you can ask your friends or family members if they have any referrals. It is an authentic way, because if they like your house they will surely finalize the deal within a few days.

Charleston SC House Buyers

If you are planning to sell the house in a limited time because you do not have the required time to be your own real estate agent for many months or years, no one can help you better than Charleston SC House Buyers. They are the most reliable buyers of houses around Charleston, SC. You will not have to pay any commission, you won’t have mortgage loan issues, repairs, inspections or appraisals. Charleston SC House Buyers will buy your property in any condition and with any situation. All you have to do is let them know about the location and how much you’re asking for the house. Charleston SC House Buyers are the only real estate investors you want to deal with in Charleston, SC. They will come with give you a fair price and you can sell your house today or on your timeline. Call today at (843)553-5005 or fill out the short seller form on this website today.

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