How To Sell A Home

How to sell a home: A complete guide

how to sell a home
How To Sell A Home in Charleston SC.

Let’s face facts- selling a home can be tough. There are many individuals who are planning to sell their house, but they do not know where to start. Some individuals make common mistakes which results in the home seller getting a lower amount for the house than they deserve. You might have been wondering what is the best way to sell the house and we’re here to present you with a complete guide to help you out.

Charleston SC House Buyers vs regular buyer

If you’re wondering how to sell a home, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want to sell your house to a cash home buyer who can buy your house with no hassles and on your timeline, or if you want to try to find a retail buyer, who will need to gets appraisals, attempt to get a home loan and will need you to repair all the items on their repair inspection list from their home inspector, who critiqued every aspect of your home. Do you think you want to sell your house to a regular retail buyer if you have 7 to 14 months, or do you want to sell your home fast to a certified home buyer like Charleston SC House Buyers? Here we have the comparison you need to consider.


If you’re figuring out how to sell a house to a regular retail buyer, you should be ready for the full-blown home inspection. First, you will have to hire an inspector so he can check your house and let you know the issues that you have to repair. Once your house is listed the buyers will come with their home inspection teams to assure that they can get the house they want and that you are willing to repair every single detail until it looks like a brand new house. On the other hand, with Charleston SC House Buyers, you will not have to worry about any kind of home inspectors costing you money and contractors who will cost you thousands of dollars.


The worst thing you will have to deal with is the negotiations.

  • The regular retail buyers will make sure that cost of the house is reduced as low as possible- they may or may not be able to afford a mortgage as is, and they definitely won’t qualify at a higher price.
  • They (and their team of home inspectors) will find every flaw or detail in the house they don’t like, which might not even be real. It will force you to lower the house price and pay huge sums to contractors.
  • With Charleston SC House Buyers there will be no negotiations.
  • Our experts will work with you to finalize a price that will be beneficial to you, so you will not have to suffer in lengthy negotiations. Basically, you can tell us what you need to sell the house for, and we can tell you if it will work for us too.

Repair and renovation

Were you planning to renovate your house to assure that buyers will not find any flaws? It means that you will possibly have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the repair and renovations of the house. You’d be surprised how much home repairs cost right now! In case your house is in poor condition, you will have to spend a lot and it means that you will not earn it back after selling the house. All of that money you would make back would be used in paying the bills- it will not create a profitable situation for you. With Charleston SC House Buyers, you will not have to repair the house. We will buy the house in any condition.

Which is the better option

Now that you know how to sell a home, you know that selling a house to Charleston SC House Buyers may allow you to end up with the most money and you will be able to sell your house much quicker. When you are looking for a regular retail buyer, selling the house can take months and even years sometimes, if it sells at all. Do you have unlimited time to sell your house? If not and you need instant results, we are your best solution. We will buy your house within a few days and you will not have to deal with the listings, marketing or waiting for a mortgage approval. You will get the cash in hand on your schedule. Call us today at (843)553-5005 or fill out the short seller form on our website today.

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