Sell A House Without A Realtor

Sell a house without a Realtor

sell a house without a realtor
Sell A House Without A Realtor.

If you buy a house or inherit a house, there eventually comes a time when you need to sell your house. It could be due to moving to a new place, needing money to resolve your financial problems, divorce, late mortgage payments, bad tenants that were a problem or any other reason.

There are many individuals that are confused about whether they should hire a realtor or sell their house themselves. Selling a house without a realtor might be a good option and here we have some of the reasons why.

Advertise your house

When you are selling a house without a realtor, the first thing you have to do is advertise your house so that you can get the attention of a retail buyer or a home buyer like us. Before advertising the house to a retail buyer, make sure that it is in absolutely perfect condition, because only then will you be able to get the full market price. Some of the common ways to advertise your house to a retail buyer are:

  • For sale sign
  • Uploading images of your house on listing website
  • Using social media to let people know you are selling your house

It is important that you use the technique you are most comfortable with. Once people start responding, you have to give them a tour of your house and all the information about the house. Be prepared to give showings to thirty to forty people over the months or years. Be prepared to help the retail buyer get their loan. You’ll have to set them up with a mortgage lender and you will have to lead them through the whole mortgage process, since so many retail buyer loans don’t end up working out- many retail buyers can’t actually get a loan even if they tell you they’re qualified.

Talk to a home buyer directly

Instead of trying to find a retail buyer, you can sell your house to a home buyer like Charleston SC House Buyers. If you’re selling a house without a realtor, a home buyer will be much easier to work with. Once the home buyer is interested in buying your house, you have to assure that you price your house fairly. We don’t really negotiate price, so if you’re not up front with us about how much you need in order to sell the house and if you give us a price over the fair value, we will assume you actually need more than market value, which we and other buyers cannot pay. Make sure that you know the market rate and finalize a price a little lower since you will be paying no commissions, buyer’s closing costs, repairs, etc. You will be saving a lot of money by selling directly to us. Make sure you know when you’d like to have your house sold by, because we can buy your house with cash as soon as you’d like us to buy it.

No need to pay any commission

When you sell the house with the help of a realtor you will have to pay them a huge commission. It will be a large percentage of the price for which you have sold your house- like literally 6% or 7% of your house. It means that you will not get to keep all the money for yourself.

On the other hand, when you sell a house yourself, you will not have to pay anyone any commission. It means that you can transfer ALL the cash directly to your bank account and no one needs to know how much you have earned by selling a house without a realtor.

Bottom line

We all know that trying to sell a house with a realtor can take months or years, and the real estate agent will take a huge part of the cash from your home when you sell the house. Why not keep all the money for yourself and sell your house today? If you have a loan on your house, you can pay off the entire loan plus put a lot of cash into your pocket to use for better purposes. If you call us today at (843)553-5005, we can be sure you can sell a house without a realtor and walk away with cash as soon as you’d like. It’s as easy as that.

Charleston SC House Buyers will provide you with a free, fair offer today. We will buy your house in any condition, no matter the situation. Let’s talk over the details and get an offer in your hand today!

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