What happens if you cannot pay your property taxes and Tax Lien FAQ’s

What happens if you cannot pay your property taxes and Tax Lien FAQ’s


delinquent property tax liens
Delinquent Property Tax Liens in Charleston SC?

Local goverments use real estate property taxes to pay for local services, including schools, road building and maintenance, police officers, fire fighters and other goverment and neighborhood services. If they don’t receive the tax payments, they can and will ultimately sell your property- permanently!

Can the delinquent tax collector and government really sell my house?

Yes, South Carolina tax collectors such as Charleston county, Berkeley county and Dorchester county can and do sell thousands of local properties every year that are behind on taxes.

What happens if I don’t pay the property taxes for my home in South Carolina?

First, if you do not pay your property taxes on time, usually by January 15th, the Berkeley, Dorchester or Charleston County property tax collector will immediately add interest and penalties, which get worse over the year and it also creates a lien on your house. Then, if you don’t pay your taxes before November or December that year, your delinquent tax collector will advertise and sell the tax lien on your house. This spells BIG headaches and BIG trouble for you. The best course of action is to do something quickly, and we can help.

What happens if I don’t pay my taxes or sell the house by the time the county auctions my house and tax lien?

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT- Unfortunately, your house and tax lien WILL BE AUCTIONED. Once your house is auctioned, there is still a way to get your house back or sell it to us. However, you may owe multiple times what your orginal tax bill was by now, IN ADDITION to the additional yearly taxes that are now due AGAIN. Don’t risk it, call us today!

What happens if I haven’t redeemed my house and tax lien during that year?

Your house has been PERMANENTLY SOLD, for the tax money. Once the tax deed has been given to the new buyer of your house, there is nothing you can do to get the house back. It is now owned by someone else. Many people who are delinquent on property taxes don’t think that their house really will be sold, but the fact is yes, your house can and will be sold permanently to another buyer due to the back taxes owed.

How do I stop a tax sale?

If you’re wondering how do you stop a tax sale or what happens if you cannot pay your property taxes, there is still a way out… if you act quickly. Call Charleston SC House Buyers today at (843)553-5005 or fill out the seller information form at http://webuycharlestonschouses.com/sellyourhouse.php. We can stop the tax sale dead in its tracks and put cash into your pocket this week.

Can I expect to hear from investors who want to buy my tax lien house?

No doubt about it, BUT BE CAREFUL. Many so called “investors” (or real estate agents) are recent graduates of some type of seminar or course, and this could be there 1st deal, which they’re actually trying to sell to us or another veteran investment group. We have bought a significant number of tax lien and tax deed houses, and houses with delinquent property taxes. We have a high level of experience with late property taxes in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley County, SC.

What is the easiest way to get the taxes paid off and get the house sold as quickly as possible?

We can buy your Charleston, Berkeley or Dorchester County house with tax liens very quickly compared to other routes. We have relationships in place with county folks and others that will allow us to buy your house in just days. However, we can’t help until you submit your property information.

Just fill out the brief property questionnaire at http://webuycharlestonschouses.com, or call our 24 hour house selling information line at (843)553-5005 Right Now For Your Peace of Mind and Relief From This Stress.

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