Are you wondering who buys houses in the Charleston, SC Area?

Are you wondering who buys houses in Charleston SC? Charleston SC House Buyers is the top real estate investor in Charleston, South Carolina! We are ready to make you a fair and honest offer on ANY house on you own in or around Charleston, SC! 

We’ll start by giving you a free, no obligation cash offer for your home, no matter the condition or location of your home and no matter what of the situation. Imagine this if you were a home seller working with a real estate agent, looking for a retail buyer: the day before closing, you start seeing the sale break down in escrow because the buyer can’t actually get a loan! Or just as bad, the lender wants all kinds of repairs done to your home before they will give a loan on the house. What happens then? The closing falls apart or you’re forced to cancel the closing for now and pay contractors to do tens of thousands of dollars of repairs. We won’t let this happen to you! We buy houses with our own money. Your house won’t have to qualify with a lender and we won’t have your house professionally appraised either. We are able to do what we say without you having to worry about glitches. We buy houses in Charleston SC, in as-is condition and since we use our own money, we don’t need a loan.

Think about other costs as well: a big benefit is that you won’t have to continue having all of your monthly expenses pile up while you wait for a traditional retail buyer to come along with the right offer that can actually follow through with the purchase. With a traditional retail sale, it takes months and sometimes years to get a home sold, escrow closed and finally money in your pocket, if it actually closes at all.

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No matter what situation you are facing, we can help! We have helped homeowners all over South Carolina with things like foreclosure, divorce, job change, downsizing and anything else that makes someone want to sell! We have seen it all and we will create creative solutions just for you! Every situation is different, that is why we will help you look at your selling options when it is time to sell your Charleston home.

Do Not Get Trapped In A Listing Agreement Until You KNOW It’s The Right Choice! 

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Who buys houses in Charleston SC. Call today! (843) 553-5005
Many people in Charleston, SC sell their house to a home buyer who buys houses with cash. This is becoming a popular alternative vs. selling through a realtor for a lot of reasons.

When you sell directly to a professional house buyer, you can skip many steps and you will save a huge amount of money. Real estate agents make an 6 percent to 7 percent of the final sale price, which is money right out of your hard-earned pocket! Maybe this doesn’t sound like much, but it really adds up to huge dollar amounts. This doesn’t even include buyer’s closing costs, title transfer fees, home repairs that the buyer will require, etc. When selling to a professional home buyer, you skip all of these costs. The net amount you receive may be exactly the same as if you sold in a more traditional way with a realtor.

If you are lucky enough to find a prospective buyer just by throwing the house on the MLS with a realtor, he or she will still need to qualify for a bank loan, which can create huge delays or cause the closing to fall through altogether- it happens all the time. Also, in that situation, your home would not only go through inspections, but also you will have a huge repair list that you need to pay for before closing. Your house will also be scrutinized by an appraiser. This all takes a significant amount of time and it gives the buyer time to change their mind and back out! If you sell your house to an investor like Charleston SC House Buyers, you will avoid all of this and you won’t risk losing the sale either. You can sell your house in Charleston, South Carolina in a few days and move on with your life! 

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We will make you an offer on any house, whatever the condition or situation. If it needs repairs or has been sitting vacant, we will take care of it! We want to make the process as fast and simple as possible. (Learn all about our fast and simple process here! →)

Who buys houses in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester County, South Carolina? We are a local home buyer who buys houses in Charleston SC and we are your house buyer! Simply submit your information using the form above. We will make you a fast, hassle-free offer… you have nothing to lose!